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 There are few people who do not have at least the beginning of a coin collection. Many of us own at least one or more old ”good luck coins” ,a large penny, an old Indian nickel or silver dollar,a medal or a souvenir token. Any one of these items has often led to the start of a large coin collection and a new hobby. If you have in item in question, the red book for coins is a great place to start your research! We can always take a look at any coin you may have and provide you with whatever knowledge we may have on the piece.

How to Clean Your Coins:
In most cases coins should not be cleaned at all as doing so may reduce a coin’s numismatic value. If cleaning is advisable, here are some steps to follow. 

Here’s How:

  1. Consult a coin dealer or other coin expert to assist you in deciding whether cleaning a particular coin is a good idea.
  2. When in doubt, do not clean the coin at all.
  3. If you decide to clean a coin, first try out any coin cleaning method on a cheap coin to see the results.
  4. Always use non-abrasive cleaners such as rubbing alcohol or olive oil to clean coins. Commercial jewelry and metal polishes are usually too harsh.
  5. Rinse the coins with distilled water after cleaning. Tap water should not be used as it contains minerals which may create spots.
  6. Tarnished coins should only be cleaned (if at all) by a professional using a process known as ‘dripping’.
  7. Let coins air-dry after cleaning– never rub a coin dry!


  1. Soaking in olive oil or mild soapy water can often safely remove dirt or other substances adhering to a coin.
  2. Specially made commercial coin cleaners are available at most coin supply shops but tend to be rather expensive.

How to Store Coins:

Here’s How:

  1. Boxes, jars and bags may be used to store less valuable coins but are not generally adequate for more valuable coins.
  2. Specially made coin envelops made from acid free paper that hold a single individual coin provide a suitable and cheap storage method for most coins.
  3. Plastic re-sealable bags or ‘flips’ is a good storage choice because they let you see the coin without removing it from the cover.
  4. Mylay-lined cardboard sleeves (usually 2’ x 2’) are similar to plastic flips and are a good way to store and package coins for shipment.
  5. Cardboard or plastic coin albums are great for storing a series of coins related to a particular country or theme.
  6. Tubes are plastic containers good for storing several inexpensive coins of the same size together.
  7. Very valuable coins are often ‘slabbed’ or encased in hard plastic holders as this offers the greatest protection of any storage method.


  1. If you live in a very humid area add some silica gel to your storage container.
  2. Keep your coins in their storage containers in a secure place such as a safe or fireproof box.


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3.  FREE APPRAISALS: We always provide free verbal appraisals on items brought to our retail location. We will examine lists and photos sent to us or, if necessary, may travel to you to give verbal appraisals.

4.  WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS: We purchase single items to entire estates. If your collection or estate warrants, we will travel anywhere in New England to examine and discuss, with prospective clients, the marketability of your goods. If, for some reason, we don’t feel we are your best venue to sell your items to, we will not only honestly tell you that, but we will advise you of other options.

5.  PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL: We learned over fifty years ago, the importance of personal interaction and the importance of being sensitive to our clients’ needs. Despite the tremendous growth, we have always tried to maintain that personal contact with our clients.

We offer a safe, simple and trouble-free solution to selling your unwanted diamonds, fine jewelry, antiques and other valuable items. We are trusted honest buyers that will pay you the best prices possible on all loose diamonds, gold, and platinum jewelry in any condition as well as watches, pocket watches, pottery, bronze statues, clocks, musical instruments, antiques and collectables.

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