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Diamonds are beautiful and desired for their brilliance, sparkle and message of love.  Diamonds signify “forever” as they are one of the most stable substances known to man. We here at Twin City Gold offer quality, certified diamonds at the best price and pass this excellence and value on to you.  We are an experienced, established and trustworthy source to ensure you that you are receiving the, unquestionably, best certified diamond for the best possible price.

In addition to certified diamonds, we offer a vast selection of pre-owned as well as vintage and antique estate jewelry. Our prices can save you up to 2/3 off the original retail price! Get the same quality, for just a fraction of the price! 

Diamonds Come in All Shapes & Colors!
Twin City Gold has the expertise to help you evaluate the 4 C’s of each stone:
  • Cut is the primary factor in a diamonds brilliance.
  • Clarity refers to number, size and type of imperfections.
  • Color detracts from it’s brilliance; so less is best.
  • Carat measures the diamonds weight.
  • D, E & F are considered colorless.
  • G, H, I and J are near colorless.
  • K, L and M have a faint yellow tint.
  • N, O, P, Q and R have a very light yellow tint.
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are light yellow.


    1.  REPUTATION: Our reputation for honesty and fair dealing began the first day Twin City Gold opened it’s doors for business and is acknowledged Nationwide. We are your best option.

    2.  EXPERTISE: We utilize experts in many different fields for evaluating your items. Smaller companies use one person for everything. Our staff has over 50 years experience when it comes to buying, so you can rest assured that you will get the highest possible price for your items.

    3.  FREE APPRAISALS: We always provide free verbal appraisals on items brought to our retail location. We will examine lists and photos sent to us or, if necessary, may travel to you to give verbal appraisals.

    4.  WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS: We purchase single items to entire estates. If your collection or estate warrants, we will travel anywhere in New England to examine and discuss, with prospective clients, the marketability of your goods. If, for some reason, we don’t feel we are your best venue to sell your items to, we will not only honestly tell you that, but we will advise you of other options.

    5.  PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL: We learned over fifty years ago, the importance of personal interaction and the importance of being sensitive to our clients’ needs. Despite the tremendous growth, we have always tried to maintain that personal contact with our clients.

    We offer a safe, simple and trouble-free solution to selling your unwanted diamonds, fine jewelry, antiques and other valuable items. We are trusted honest buyers that will pay you the best prices possible on all loose diamonds, gold, and platinum jewelry in any condition as well as watches, pocket watches, pottery, bronze statues, clocks, musical instruments, antiques and collectables.

     Call us today and one of our customers service associates with assist you with the rest of the process.

     Toll Free: 877-760-4653  Local: (207) 282-6717 

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